Which rich single men prefer, a successful woman or a woman with a good figure?

Most men prefer women with a good figure, because they are so sexy and beautiful, they can show their wives to the society and make other men feel envious, for which they feel satisfied.Men want women who are young, slim or well-proportioned, good-looking, well dressed, feminine in manner, not vixen, and have nice gifts (also known as eye candy).Rich single men are no exception.A beautiful and attractive wife can make a man explode with hormones, satisfy their need to conquer, and make them happier.In addition, when a single man with a successful career marries a woman with a good figure, he will be in a good mood when he comes home from a long day's work and sees such a beautiful wife.

And we all know that there are certain things that successful people have in common, whether they're men or women, so we have this fear that if you're with a rich single man, the two of you are constantly fighting over disagreements.Most wealthy men prefer to be in control rather than put up with being told what to do. They don't like being told what to do.So when two people with similar personalities are together, it is inevitable that no one will admit defeat and make the situation difficult.So rich single men prefer to be with a woman with a beautiful figure and a gentle personality.A woman's good figure does not mean that she has no self-restraint, but that they have very self-control, a healthy lifestyle or like sports fitness.A good body is the envy of all, so they also need to pay a lot of time and energy to manage.

However, some people strongly object that successful people generally do not marry unsuccessful people.Some wealthy single men prefer to marry a woman who is financially and professionally successful.First of all, success in her financial situation and work often speaks volumes about one's character strength and level of self-discipline.Secondly, they believe that a oofy woman is great, which shows that they take care of themselves and have a strong character for the woman to succeed in her career, which shows that they may not be a money digger.Having a more independent woman means I don't spend all my time appeasing her insecurities.And in their opinion, moneyed oofy well-fixed men prefer successful women to maintain their status.Finally, successful women have certain characteristics in them. She may be very independent and decisive.Maybe they are not beautiful enough, but they have their own charm.Rich men may have met many beautiful women before they got married, but they may care less about one's appearance and more about other things.

Obviously we have no clue how rich single men think.If you were a millionaire, would you prefer a woman with a successful career or a woman with a great figure to marry him?